Enablement Application
“Training“ with “Sales Results“

Enablement App

R2 Enablement Application connecting
“Training“ with “Sales Results“


Structure a New Sales Approach

The R2 Enablement app helps organizations to structure the required sales activities to achieve their goals and clarify the essential points to build talent development programs.

In general, sales results, sales action and talent programs are not connected as a whole, as such organizations often face difficulties to prove ROI of Sales Enablement.

With the R2 Enablement App, it becomes possible to organize and connect the sales process, key actions, skills and knowledge to achieve successful sales results systematically.

Sales organizations can discern the essential points needed to ramp up Sales Talent Development programs via Data.


Ramp up Sales Onboarding

Provide effective and efficient training measures that lead your business to successful sales results
by linking talent development to sales results

Provide effective and efficient training measures that lead your business to successful sales results

With the Enablement App, the correlation between sales results and training measures can be validated. This makes it possible to design and provide sales reps with the programs focused on key actions that lead to closing a sale, ultimately fostering a learning culture in organizations.



Increase Sales Productivity

Visualize the correlation of
sales performances and training with data

Many companies look at KPIs to measure the return on their investment. Sales talent development is not an exception.

The Enablement App enables companies to visualize the ROI of sales talent development by managing and validating the correlation between training measures and sales results via data.

The “Enablement Skill Map” implemented in the R2 Enablement App helps users to structure and manage sales process, key actions, skills and knowledge needed for success.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is “a talent development system that continuously develops sales professionals who deliver expected results,” a process to plan and execute talent development programs based on desired sales goals, validating them against results.

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The Enablement App will
solve problems such as

Corporate Sales Planning Department

How to ramp up sales reps for the new business field

Recruiting Department

Not enough time to provide training for steady stream of new employees

Director of sales

Difficulty in making investment decisions for sales talent development because the ROI is difficult to prove

Sales Manager

Struggling to build more productive 1on1 meetings with sales team members

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Features of the R2 Enablement App

R2 application will connect “Skill Training” “Key Actions” ”Result” through one platform


Enablement Dashboard

Analyze the correlation between “Sales Results” and “Talent Development Program”


Enablement Skill Map

Provide Skill Maps specially designed for solution/ consultative sales


Sales Training

Provide Training videos designed for solution/consultative sales



Our assessments will help visualize weaknesses/strengths of sales reps skills



Enhance effective coaching activities through our coaching management system


Integration with CRM

Enable seamless integration with salesforce and other SFAs*

* Please contact us for further details

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