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R-Square & Company has launched Enablement App, which visualizes the ROI of your Sales Enablement program.


R-Square & Company, Inc is pleased to announce the release of a new application to visualize the ROI of your sales talent development program. Available through the “App Exchange” business application market place, provided by

The R2 application helps organizations manage the 3 key categories(Sales Results-Key actions-Skills/Knowledge) simultaneously and to establish a PDCA cycle in the sales talent development process via data.

The installed features on this application for talent development support system, methodology and program are patented.

■What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is a talent development system that continuously develops sales professionals who deliver expected results.

Based on the desired sales goals, sales enablement incorporates the process of planning and execution of your talent development program. Validation of sales results will promote and foster continued improvements of your talent development program. 

According to a recent study from CSO Insights, they indicate that approximately 60% of organizations currently have a dedicated person, program or function for sales enablement.

The R2 Sales Enablement approach aims to manage the 3 key categories(Sales Results-Key actions-Skills/Knowledge) in order for organizations to achieve their sales goals simultaneously and to establish a PDCA cycle in the talent development process via data.

Our Sales Enablement cloud application is designed to help organizations structure and connect the sales process, key actions, skills and knowledge to achieve successful sales results systematically. With our application, sales organizations can discern the essential points needed to ramp up sales talent development programs via data.

The R2 Enablement application is endorsed by

R2 received an endorsement from Mr. Michihiro IKEYA , Regional Vice President, Alliance

“We, welcome the R2 Enablement App to your App Exchange! We are pleased to have the application available for our customers through our App exchange market place. Today many companies are trying to adapt to digital transformation rapidly and “Sales Enablement” has been gaining more attention as a solution to enhance sales productivity. However, organizations often face difficulties to grasp the ROI of sales talent development program. With the R2 Enablement App, you will be able to connect your sales data to Sales Enablement program, which will help sales organizations accelerate digital transformation for their long term growth.  We believe that the integration with the R2 enablement application will provide values to your business success. ”

Features of the R2 Enablement App

#1 Enablement Dashboard

#2 Enablement Skill Map

#3 Measures each sales rep’s sales skills through skill assessments

#4 Provides online training designed for various types of B2B consultative selling

#5 Records 1 on 1 sales coaching logs

#6 Integrates with your SFA system and helps enablers identify the areas that each sales person needs to develop as well as design training program to fit each sales rep

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■R-Square & Company Patent

R-Square and Company Inc., the first company specialized in Sales Enablement in Japan, started its business from July in 2019. We obtained a patent. With this, Sales Enablers will be able to provide effective training program to achieve desired sales goals in a systematic way by analyzing sales results and each sales rep’s skill level.


特許番号【Registration Number】 JP 6746184

特許出願日【Filing Date】 29.11.2019.

特許登録日【Registration Date】 07.08.2020. 

日本出願番号【Application Number of Japanese Patent Application】 JP 2020-518558

PCT出願番号【PCT Application Number】 PCT/JP2019/046914





Company:R-Square & Company Inc. / 株式会社R-Square & Company(株式会社アールスクエアー・アンド・カンパニー)

Foundation :2019.7.10 / Date of Incorporation:2019.8.1

Company Headquaters:3-28-5 Axle Chanomizu #211

Kanda-Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan 101-0052

Services:・Enablement Professional Services、・Enablement Cloud Application

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