What is Sales Enablement?

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is a data driven and systematic approach for sales talent and organizational development that integrates learning programs with behavioral changes, leading to the desired organizational results

Establish a “To-Be” model of sales talent development

To maximize organizational results, it is important to connect “Organizational goals”, ”Key actions” and “Knowledge/Skills”

Talent development programs are for maximizing organizations’ business results.

To achieve this goal, talent development programs need to take a systematic approach. They need to define the “Business Requirement”, the “Key Actions” to achieve the requirements and the “Knowledge and Skills” to enable such key actions.

It is imperative to make these three layers (Results-Key Actions-Knowledge/Skills) are connected holistically through the enablement process.

Reasons why “Sales Results” and “Training” are often apart

Structural problems underly the issue

In many cases, “Sales Results” and ”Training” are not linked. What is behind this?

From a micro perspective, the following cases are the major reasons: 1) Training programs are not designed to meet Sales results 2) Training contents are not relevant to work 3) No follow up nor verification after trainings are conducted.

From a macro perspective, it is often observed that coherent programs are not designed nor provided because different departments are engaged, provide programs optimal for different goals.

Our Sales Enablement Approach

Connect Results-Key Actions-Skills/Knowledge together and validate the effectiveness

The R2 Sales Enablement approach aims to manage the 3 key categories(Results-Key actions-Skills/Knowledge) all at once and to establish a PDCA cycle in the sales talent development process via data.

Roles of Sales Enablement Team

Leading a systematic and integrated process to meet the Sales goals that an Organization requires

Sales Enablement team in an Organization will provide necessary resources that Sales sections need to achieve their sales goals as reliable business partners with them.

An increasing number of companies are now implementing a dedicated Sales Enablement function.

The Enablement App- designed for your sales enablement operations

Provide best practices of Sales Enablement through our application

The “Enablement App” was designed and created by our development team, which is familiar with the best practices in various companies through their years of experience in sales and as managers, coaches and executives.

The “Enablement App” ties your talent development programs to “Sales Results”, offering “must have” feasutures to enable a systematic process by accelerating the PDCA(Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle.