Professional Services

Together with clients, our professional services will transform
your sales organizations and sales for their sustainable sales growth.

Our Professional Service Approach

  • 設計アイコン

    Design Initial Enablement Program

    Design Enablement programs for organizations that will achieve business results with a focus on putting into practice actionable actions.

  • 階段アイコン

    Develop and delivery of Enablement programs

    Build applicable and practical enablement training programs geared towards boosting effectiveness and efficiencies for each client.

  • Enablement組織アイコン

    Support Enablement Teams Development

    Collaborate with clients for a more smooth and successful implementation and execution throughout the enablement process.

Expected customer needs

  • Learn the first step to start Sales Enablement
  • Help integrate Salesforce data with Sales Enablement programs
  • Stop ad hoc training and renew coherent sales talent development programs aligned with sales strategy
  • Support the Enablement process implementation and execution across sales organizations

Let us get you started!

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Our Services

Design Initial Enablement Program

Enablement Skill Map Tailor a Skill Map that includes and organizes Skills/Knowledge needed to achieve your organization’s goal.
  • Skill Map for Sales Solution team
  • Skill Map for Cultivating New Markets
  • Skill Map for New Hires
Assessment Design questionnaire assessments based on each “Skill Map” to identify areas needing reinforcement to achieve targets.
  • Assessments for Sales Solution team
  • Assessments for entering New Market

Develop and Deliver Enablement programs

Sales Training Build sales training programs that are aligned with your organization’s challenges to achieve your desired goals.
  • Vision selling training
  • Onboard training
Sales Coaching Assist sales managers to acquire effective sales coaching skills used with sales representatives.
  • Enablement coaching framework
  • How to conduct effective one-on-one meetings with the R2 Enablement App

Support Enablement Teams Development

Support Enablement Teams Development Assist clients successfully implement and execute the Enablement process.
  • Set up Enablement KPI along with growth phase of an organization
  • Define competencies and design Enablement function to achieve business goals