Use Case


Sales Planning team

It is essential for us to change our sales approach for a new business domain where only a few sales persons are currently meeting their quotas.
How do we provide effective programs that increase the number of skilled and proficient sales persons from that small pool of a few individuals to become the greater majority in each business? ​


Our data-oriented Sales Enablement approach structuralizes sales talent development process and visualizes training path of sales reps

With the R2 Enablement app, organizations can

  • Grasp the key points to build effective sales talent program
  • Connect “Sales Processes” “Key Actions” and “Skills and Knowledge“ to hit their goals
  • Implement and execute data-driven Enablement training programs through monitoring the progress or changes shown in key index such as Training progress, Coaching history and Sales KPIs.


Recruiting team

Recruiting team
We keep recruiting sales members but are too busy to provide organized new hire onboarding programs.
Where should we start?​


“Must have” sales training content and video for new hire are preset

With the R2 Enablement app, organizations can

  • Implement onboarding programs
  • Organize the Sales Processes, Skills and Knowledge needed to achieve sales results through a preset “Skill Map” builder
  • Customize the preset onboarding programs to fit their style

*only available in Japanese


Talent Development team

We understand the necessity of onboarding programs. However it has been difficult to decide where we should invest since it is hard to prove the ROI.


Visualize the impact of investments on Sales Development programs

With the R2 Enablement app, organizations can:

  • easily see and gives insights into individuals’ strengths and weaknesses aligned with sales activities
  • discern how enablement programs have contributed to sales results


Sales Manager

Despite all the energy and time spent in 1-on-1 meetings, we often turn into gossip sessions or repeat the same topics every time.
Our team members do not feel 1-on-1 meetings are as effective as I do.


Support sales coaching with the coaching log and the “Skill Map”

With the R2 Enablement app, organizations can

  • Identify the skills/knowledge and key actions that sales reps need to develop or need support with to meet their targets
  • Build next level of sales coaching by focusing on the competencies that the R2 “Skill Map” indicates need to be reinforced