Sale Enablement solutions

Connects “Sales Results” and “Enablement Programs”
The R2 Enablement app is integrated with Salesforce platform


Visualize the outcome of sales enablement programs

Enablement Dashboard

“Enablement Dashboard” visualizes the correlation between “Sales outcomes” and “enablement programs.”
Sales teams can

  • Gain insights training measures with analytical data
  • validate the ROI of Sales Enablement programs.

Structure “Process/Skills/Knowledge” required for BtoB Consultative Selling

The Enablement Skill Map

Through the “Enablement Skill Map”, Sales Process, Skills and Knowledge for successful consultative selling can be systematically organized.
Sales teams can

  • Customize the “Enablement Skill Map” designed for each division or job function
  • Tailor training programs to fit individual’s sales activities or performance with the “Enablement Skill Map”


Best training contents for BtoB Consultative selling

Training video

The R2 Content library brings a variety of sales training content including on-boarding for each phase of sales and essential programs to achieve successful consultative selling.

Sales teams can
  • Design the effective training programs that lead sales reps to meet quotas by utilizing the “Skill Map” builder and “Skill Assessment” module

*Only available in japanese

Data analysis of Sales competencies

Sales Skill Assessment

The R2 Sales Skill Assessment is developed to help measure the essential competencies required for sales reps.
Sales teams can

  • Grasp areas to reinforce and boost individual’s performance based on assessment results
  • Offer more effective development programs through a comprehensive analysis and evaluation on each sales representative

Productive 1on1 meeting between manages and sales reps

Sales Coaching

The R2 “Coaching log” assists managers to build sales coaching sessions in more interactive and effective ways.
Managers can

  • Refer to the coaching logs and data in time line history
  • Conduct more “Competency-focused” coaching sessions with comprehensive analytical data set by individual


Talent development programs aligned with SFA

Salesforce integration

Salesforce integration
The R2 Sales Enablement App integrates with your sales data and illustrates how talent development programs impact on sales results.
Sales team can

  • Identify the training key topics or the areas to reinforce to achieve your goals
  • Help analyze ROI with insights supported by facts and data
  • Constantly improve and update your sales training programs to contribute to achieving your goals